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Holiday Parade - Santa Escort
This year, 2022, our team has been working with the North Pole to schedule a visit from the big man himself.  We are pleased to announce
Starting around 12 NOON and extending into the early evening
We will escort Santa and his sleigh around Wright and Rice Twp.  While we are not able to drive every road, we will do our best. Please keep in mind our members VOLUNTEER time away from normal daily life to assist in holiday spirit building in our community.  A tentative parade route will be posted shortly here and on our Facebook page.  Again, we can not drive every road but we attempt every year to mix it up on side streets and all major roads are included.  We suggest if you are not near a major development/main road or do not see your road on the list, please pick a spot along the route to catch a glimpse of the holiday cheer master.  We appreciate all of your patience and support while we conduct this event and look forward to seeing everyone on December 18th.  Lets keep our fingers crossed the weather and emergencies do not interfere. 
If we do not see you, please remember he is always watching and will attempt next year.  Please enjoy the holiday season and have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year throughout 2023.
As always, we THANK YOU and appreciate the support of our organization.
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 No Hall Rentals are being taken until further notice.
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